Overview of GMI owned tools on location – IT

You have landed on this page, because you have scanned one of the QR codes on the tools we use. If you needed to verify that we are the owner, this should be sufficient. If you have have found this tool, please let us know so we can retrieve it.

  • iPhone XR 128GB, black – serial C7CXL2V4KXK6; Purchase date 08-05-2019, Tele2 Zakelijk
  • iPad Pro 12.9 64GB, silver – serial DLXYC38FK7MC; Purchase date 03-04-2020, Forza Refurbished
  • MacBook Pro 13”, grey – serial C02Z80WZL414; Purchase date 25-08-2019, Apple.com
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless koptelefoon, zwart – serial GD6YQ900J5W0; Purchase date 25-08-2019, Apple.com
  • Jabra Speak 710, black – serial 000565 69265; Purchase date 04-12-2019, marktplaats
  • Logitech mouse MX anywhere, white – serial 1936LZA00X58; Purchase date 20-11-2019, amazon.de
  • Logitech presenter remote R400, black – PID WD502XM
  • Tile Mate, white – SN1: e6e48e3ed9ee2f2b, SN2: e0769c4777c8cb65, SN3: 87a7a8462e2030d1, SN4: 4887fa69b7341234; Purchase date 14-05-2020,tile.com

contact: P.E. Groeneveld
Kerkstraat 45-46, 6811 DM Arnhem
info@gmi.nl, +31-26-7114596